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TaskMate Robotic Systems

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TaskMate Robotic Systems from ESS Technologies

Machine Loading / Unloading • Pick & Place • Carton / Case Loading • Product Collation • Product Orientation • Inspection & Sampling


TaskMate Robotic Systems offers a solution for automating a wide range of processes for producing and packaging consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, diagnostics, and medical devices. The basic TaskMate system includes a FANUC robot (model varies by application), base, robot tooling, Category 4 interlocked safety guarding, controls and programming. The custom-designed end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) handles virtually any product. ESS Technologies, Inc. is an authorized system integrator for FANUC Robotics and a strategic partner for the secondary packaging of pharmaceuticals. Applications include: Pick & place assembly systems, blister loading on thermoformers or blister packaging machines, collation and machine loading/unloading, top load case or carton packing, and flexible feeding systems.

FANUC Robot Models

  • Model M-1iA: 0.5kg Payload
  • Model M-430iA: 2kg Payload
  • Model LR200iC: 5kg Payload
  • Model M-3iA: 6kg Payload
  • Model M-10iA: 10kg Payload
  • Model M-20iC: 20kg Payload
  • Typical Applications

  • Robotic Cartoner Infeed System Robotic Pick and Place Applications Robotic Carton Loading System
    Machine Loading: Cartoners, Blister Packaging Machines, Thermoformers Pick & Place: Assembly Systems, Inspection Systems Top Loading for Cartons and Cases
    Robotic Collation System for Blister Packs Robotic Machine Discharge Robotic Inspection and Sampling
    Product Collation and Orientation: Machine Infeeds, Kit Packaging Machine Unloading: Cartoners, Thermoformers, Test Kit Assembly Systems, Monoblock Fillers/Cappers, Reject Systems Product Inspection, Product Sampling
    Standard Voltage 120VAC, Single Phase, 60Hz
    EOAT Vacuum or Mechanical Gripper
    Guarding Category 4 Safety Guarding, Interlocked and Gasketed Polycarbonate Panels
    Size Changeover Time 10-15 Minutes Typical
    Robotic Cell Footprint 30" L x 30" W min.
    726mm L x 762mm W
    Product Types Vials, Bottles, Cartons, Blister Packs, Pouches, Test Tubes, Tubes, Medical Devices, Diagnostic Test Kits, Jars, Ampoules...Custom EOAT can handle virtually any product.

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    Robotics Training and Support from ESS Technologies, Inc. and FANUC Robotics

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    3160 State Street • Blacksburg, VA 24060 Assembled in the USA
    Phone: (540) 961-5716 • Fax: (540) 961-5721
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