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Medical Device Assembly Systems

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Medical Device Assembly Systems

ESS Technologies, Inc. offers innovative solutions for the automated assembly of medical devices, diagnostic test kits, drug delivery devices, etc. ESS design engineers and project leaders work with medical device manufacturers to create an assembly system to exact product specifications. The systems use state-of-the-art technology, including integrated robotics, vision systems, line tracking, inspection with automatic reject, and real-time data acquisition.

As a FANUC Authorized Integrator and Strategic Partner for the secondary packaging of pharmaceuticals, ESS has expertise in integrating FANUC robotics throughout the assembly process, creating a system that offers high speed performance, high reliability and proven production speeds. The assembly system incorporates next-generation vision-ready FANUC robots, allowing the addition of cameras for visual inspection and line tracking.

For a total end-to-end solution, ESS integrates secondary packaging equipment, such as cartoners and wrappers, pouching or blister packing equipment, vertical robotic case packers, and robotic pallet cells.

Benefits of Turnkey Design

  • Design Expertise for Complete End-to-End Solutions to Meet Any Requirement
  • Integration of all Equipment Provided by ESS
  • Dedicated Project Managers
  • Technical Support and Field Support Available
  • Authorized FANUC Robotics Integrator
  • FANUC Strategic Partner for Secondary Packaging and Palletizing of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

System Features

  • Vision-Ready FANUC Robots Integrated Throughout the System (as required)
  • Automated Pick-and-Place with Grip or Vacuum Tools
  • Automated Robotic Assembly
  • Clean Room and Class 100 Robot Options
  • Full Integration with Parts Feeders, Hoppers, and Conveyors
  • Interlocked Lexan Guarding
  • Operator Panel with Color LCD Display
  • Programmed Controls


  • Inspection with Automatic Reject
  • Robotic Machine Loading/Unloading
  • Data Acquisition/Validation
  • Vision and Line Tracking
  • Integrated Cartoner
  • Integrated Wrapper
  • Robotic Case Packing
  • Robotic Palletizer Cell

Click the images below to enlarge.

Robotic Assembly of a Drug Delivery Device Labeling a Drug Delivery Device Robotic Collating of Blister Packaged Drug Delivery Devices
Assembly of Drug Delivery Devices Labeling Drug Delivery Devices Collating Blisters of Drug Delivery Devices in a Cartoner Infeed
Diagnostic Test Kit Assembly System Vision Inspection of Assembled Test Kit Cassettes Robotic Loading of Test Kit Cassettes into a Poucher Infeed Conveyor
Assembly System for Diagnostic Test Kit Cassettes Vision Inspection of Assembled Test Kit Cassettes Loading Assembled Test Kits Into a Poucher Infeed Conveyor
Test Kit Assembly System for Kits in Test Tubes Vision Inspection of Assembled Test Kits Robotic Loading of Assembled Test Kits into Trays
Test Kit Assembly System for Test Tubes Vision Inspection of Assembled Test Kits in Test Tubes Loading Assembled Test Kits into Trays for Downstream Packaging

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