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V 30 Vertical Robotic Case Packer

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V 30 Vertical Robotic Case Packer

The Model V 30 Vertical Case Packer is a state-of-the-art robotic packaging machine that incorporates the latest in SERVO technology into its unique design. Built on a FANUC vision-guided robot platform, the case packer can run bottles (plastic or glass), cartons, jars, and/or bags. The multi-axis feature enables the FANUC robot to handle applications that would otherwise be impossible with standard pick-and-place units. An ergonomically designed, large capacity, case magazine feeds the servo driven case packer that can run up to 30 cases/minute. Various product infeed and collation features are available. Changeover can be accomplished in 10-15 minutes or less. Custom end-of-arm-tooling is to designed to meet the exact requirements of the application. The V 30 Case Packer integrates easily with any track & trace equpment provided by an OEM to create a complete system for serialziation and track & trace of aggregates and cases. ESS Technologies, Inc. is an authorized FANUC Robotics system integrator and Strategic Relationship Partner for secondary packaging of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

The system can incorporate several models of FANUC robot, depending on the payload and reach requirements of the application. These models include:

  • Model M-420iA (Payload 40kg)
  • Model M-20iC (Payload 20kg)
  • Model M-10iC (Payload10kg)
  • Click the images below to enlarge.

    V 30 Case Packing Bundles of Tubes V 30 Case Packer for Boston Round Bottles with Topserts V 30 Case Packer for Bundles of Cartons
    Case Packing Bundles of Tubes Case Packing Ttrays of Boston Round Bottles with Topserts Bundles of Cartons on V 30 Infeed Conveyor
    Case Magazine for V 30 Case Packer V 30 Robotic Case Packer Top View V 30 Tape Closure
    Case Magazine Top View of Loading V 30 Vertical Case Packer Case Packer Tape Closure System
    Case Packer Glue Closure System    
    Specifications Model V 30
    Case & Carton Size Ranges V 30 Case Size RangesA (Min. - Max.) 180-550 mm
    B (Min. - Max.)100-350 mm
    C (Min. - Max.)100-350 mm

    a (Max.) 540 mm
    b (Max.) 340 mm
    c (Max.) 340 mm
    Speed Up to 30 Cases per Minute
    EOAT Vacuum or Mechanical Gripper
    Changeover Time 10-15 Minutes Typical
    Power Consumption 6.5kW w/ Tuck-in Flaps Systems
    10kW w/ Hot-melt Closing Systems
    Compressed Air Consumption 50nL per Minute (2)
    Dimensions 131" L x 86" W x 93" H
    3330mm L x 2185mm W x 2363mm H
    Product Types Bottles, Jars, Tubes, Pouches, Sachets, Cartons, Blisters

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    Application Brief: V30 Robotic Case Packer for Sachets and Tubes

    Leasing Options

    V 30 Case Packer for Glass Pharmaceutical Bottles with Topserts Robotics Training and Support from ESS Technologies, Inc. and FANUC Robotics  
    V 30 Case Packer for Plastic Pharmaceutical Bottles with Topserts White Paper: 11 Ways to Increase OEE and Productivity by Automating Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Production Lines  
    V 30 Case Packer for Bundles of Cartons Press Release: V 30P Robotic Case Packer/Palletizer Reduces Required Floor Space for End-of-Line Packaging  
    V 30P Case Packer with Integrated Palletizer    
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