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Loading Blister Packaging Machines

Product Used: TaskMate(R) Robotic Loading SystemRobotic System for Loading Blisters with USB Drives

The Challenge: Blister packaging machines offer a high speed solution for creating blister packages for a variety of products. However, manual loading operations do not always allow the machine to operate at maximum speed as the machine waits for product to be loaded by hand.

The Solution:The TaskMate Robotic Systems (R) Blister Loader with ESS-designed end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) creates a highly flexible system for loading blisters at a rate of speed that allows the blister packaging machine to reach maximum production speeds. The compact robotic cell easily integrates with any blister packaging machine.

How it Works:Product is fed to the robotic cell via an infeed conveyor. A FANUC robot with ESS-designed EOAT uses vacuum suction cups to pick the products and place them into the open blisters. The EOAT may be designed to pick one or multiple products with each cycle. A number of FANUC robot models may be specified depending on the payload requirements and the speed of the blister packaging machine.

The Results: By installing a TaskMate Robotic Systems(R) Blister Loader to feed the blister packaging machine, the system achieved the full production speed of up to 20 cycles per minute. The flexibility of the robotic cell makes it ideal for a wide range of product types such as batteries, packets of dental floss, lip balm, USB drives, gift cards, and medical devices.


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Case Packers

Assembly and Kit Packaging

TaskMate Robotic Systems(R)

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Serialization Systems Integration

Turnkey Machine Integration

FANUC Robots for TaskMate Systems
Robot Model # # of Axes Robot Payload (kg) Robot Reach (mm)
LR Mate 200iD 6 7 711
M-1iA 4 or 6 0.5 280
M-2iA 3 or 4 3 or 6 800
M-3iA 4 or 6 6 1350
M-10iC 6 10 1420
SR-3iA 4 3 400
SR-6iA 4 6 650


Robotic Loading System for Alloyd Brands Aergo 8 Blister Packaging Machine
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