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Precision Filling and Capping w/ MB Series Net Weigh Systems


Container Types Handled by a Monoblock Filler/CapperPharmaceutical, diagnostics and cosmetics filling applications often require precise control of the container handling, filling and capping processes. Many applications call for bottling solutions in small amounts (1-5 milliliters). These smaller containers often call for precision feeding, cap handling, plug, wiper, dropper or brush insertion, and precise torque specifications. The ESS MB Series of Monoblock Fillers/Cappers offer an innovative machine designed to handle the stringent requirements of these types of applications.

System Description

The MB Series can be ordered with a net weigh filling system and special bottle and cap handling features that create a very compact and very precise automatic filling and capping system. Weigh scales are integrated with the Monoblock starwheel to allow containers to be weighed before and after filling. The weights are compared to pre-programmed values in the system HMI (Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC with PanelView Plus 600 HMI is standard). Containers with correct fill weights are tagged as “good” while incorrect containers remain untagged and are automatically rejected, ensuring that all bad fills are removed from production. The HMI can be programmed to include automatic adjustments to the fill level to provide accuracy over the entire production run.

System Specifications

MB60XP Net Weigh Filling System with Intrinsically Safe Controls
Speed Up to 120 Bottls per Minute
Fill Range 1-500ml
Changeover 20-30 Minutes Typical
Dimensions 5'5" W x 6'11" L
Drive Options Servo or Mechanical

Standard System Features

  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix® PLC with PanelView Plus® Color Touchscreen HMIFilling Nozzle on an MB Series Net Weigh Filling System
  • Cap Placement with Inspection
  • PLd-rated or Better Safety Guarding
  • One (1) Complete Set of Tooling
  • MB Series Options

  • Net Weigh Filling System
  • Intrinsically Safe (XP) Controls
  • Plug/Stopper/Brush Insertion
  • Positivie Shut Off Nozzles
  • Soft Reject System with Conveyor
  • Feedback Loop from Net Weigh System to Adjust Fill Levels
  • Integrated Nitrogen Purge System
  • Integrated Laser Coder, Print and Apply Labelers, etc.
  • Correct feeding and placement of bottles, vials, micro-tubes, etc. is essential in order to create a system for reliable high speed filling. Reliable feeding of very small bottles and vials or micro-tubes has the added challenge of container stability due to the small diameter of the container. ESS provides a number of options for handling small containers and vials, including puck carriers and gripper carriers. Unloading options include robotic systems or pick and place automation.
    Automatic Insertion of Plugs on a Monoblock Filler/Capper Servo Capping and Torque Station on a Monoblock Filler/Capper HMI Screen for Net Weigh Filling System
    Plug Inserter Station Cap Placement and Torque Stations Tare and Gross Weights Are Recorded By the HMI
    Pick and Place Unloader for MB Series Net Weigh Filling System Robotic Unloading System Places Rejected Vial in Trays Monoblock Net Weigh Filling System Sequence of Operations
    Pick and Place Unloader Robotic Unloader MB Series Sequence of Operations
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