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Selecting a Case Packer


V30 Robotic Top Load Case PackerModern automated case packing equipment come in three basic configurations: top load (or vertical case packer), side load (or horizontal case packer) or wrap around. Before selecting an automatic system, manufacturers need to determine the best method of case packing for their production needs. Available floor space for the equipment, required production speeds, infeed requirements (depending on what is being case packed) and amount of training required for personnel are all important parameters that must be taken into consideration when selecting an automatic case packer. This application note compares the configuration and performance of vertical, wrap around, and horizontal case packers to aid in the selection of the highest performing solution.

Case Packer Configurations

WA Series Wrap Around Case PackerCase packers may be configured as horizontal case packers, vertical case packers, or wrap-around case packers, referring to how the product is placed in the case. The names are descriptive of the process: Horizontal case packers collate product and then push the collated grouping horizontally into the open case, which is oriented on its side. Vertical case packers lower product into the open top of the case, and wrap around case packers push the collated product onto a case blank, which is then folded or wrapped around the pack pattern and glued closed. Each method works equally well, but they are each suited to different primary product packages.


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CEL5 Robotic Case PackerFor example, vertical case packing is the best choice for products that may tip over easily if pushed, such as irregularly shaped bottles and loose tubes. Vertical case packers are also more effective on products that do not push easily, such as foil sachets. Horizontal case packers are ideal for rigid products that can be easily stacked and pushed, such as cartons or carton bundles, soaps, etc. Wrap around case packers offer some advantages of each of the other two configurations. They handle products that may be easily pushed but also products that require special handling such as products that cannot be laid on their side.
Other factors to consider when selecting a case packer include equipment footprint, speed, and equipment flexibility. Horizontal and wrap around case packers tend to have a slightly smaller footprint than vertical solutions, but the robotic system offers more choices as to what shape the equipment footprint can take. This is an advantage for placing equipment into facilities with very narrow space or a space that is not symmetrical (such as L-shaped). Vertical and wrap around case packers tend to have an advantage of speed over horizontal case packers. The vertical robotic case packer also offers increased flexibility in the size and configuration of products being case packed as robotic solutions require less tooling to change from one product size to another.

Case Packer Comparison Chart

   Horizontal Case Packer Vertical Robotic Case Packer Wrap Around Case Packer
Equipment Specifications Changeover Time — Few Dimensions Change 5-7 Minutes 5-7 Minutes 5-7 Minutes
Changeover Time — All Dimensions Change 15-20 Minutes 15-20 Minutes 15-20 Minutes
Speed (cases per minute) Up to 10 Up to 22 Up to 30
Automation Type Robotic Automation w/ quick release connections Robotic Automation w/ quick release connections Hard Automation w/ tool-free changeover
Max Case Sizes (A x B x C, mm) 550 x 350 x 250 550 x 350 x 350 (V30)
550 x 350 x 250 (CEL5)
500 x 350 x 250
Products Handled Cartons (single or bundles) Yes Yes Yes
Bottles Yes Yes Yes
Tubes (single or bundles) No Yes No
Cans and Jars No Yes Yes
Bags Yes Yes No
Sachets No Yes No
Features Balcony Design Yes Yes Yes
Servo Drive Technology Yes Yes Yes
Touch Screen HMI Yes Yes Yes
Options Integrated Palletizer Option Yes Yes Yes
Tape or Glue Closure Yes Yes Yes
Case Coding/Labeling Yes Yes Yes

RSC Case Packer Product Flow

Product Flow for Side Load Case Packer
Product Flow for Top Load Case Packer
Case Packer Product Collation  Robotic Case Loading 
Product Flow for Side or Top Load RSC Case Packers (click image to enlarge) Product is collated into the correct pack pattern.   Robot loads collated product into the case.
  Case Closing and Sealing  Top and Bottom Case Taper 
  As case leaves the loading area, the top and bottom flaps are closed. Automatic taper seals the top and bottom. (Glue optionsl)

Wrap Around Case Packer Product Flow

Wrap Around Case Packer  WA Series Product Collation  Loading product in the wrap around case. 
Product Flow for Wrap Around Packer (click image to enlarge) Product is collated into the correct pack pattern. Pneumatic pusher loads collated product into the case.
  Wrap around case flaps are folded closed.  Hot Melt Glue Closure System 
  As case leaves the loading area, the side and top flaps are closed. Case is sealed with hot melt glue closure system.
Specifications Top Load Case Packer (V30 or CEL5) Side Load Case Packer (CEL5) Wrap Around Case Packer (WA)
Max. Speed 22cpm (V30), 6cpm (CEL5) 6cpm 30cpm
Changeover Time 15-20 Minutes (all dimensions change) 15-20 Minutes (all dimensions change) 15-20 Minutes (all dimensions change) 
Standard Voltage 480V, 3-Ph, 60Hz 208V. 3-Ph, 60Hz 480V, 3-Ph, 60Hz
Power Consumption 6.5 kW (tape), 10kW (glue) 3.5 kW (tape), 7kW (glue) 10kW (glue) 
Air Consumption 50nl (2) (V30)
30nl (CEL5)
30nl 50nl (2) 
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