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Need to Serialize Your Line?

Predictive Maintenance (PM) Technology and FANUC America's Zero Down Time (ZDT) Software

Predict Machine Downtime with PM Technology

ESS Technologies’s Predictive Maintenance (PM) Technology, when installed on our full line of cartoners, case packers and robotic pallet cells, uses a combination of sensors and software to monitor the “intelligent” machine’s overall performance, tracks routine maintenance, and alerts operators about impending issues, such as excessive heat, excessive vibration or other parameter outside of optimum performance, before the machine experiences a failure and causes a line to go down.

"Intelligent Machines"

FANUC Zero Down Time (ZDT) Robot Software

ZDT System for FANUC Robots
An authorized system integrator for FANUC America, ESS has also incorporates FANUC’s new Zero Down Time (ZDT) software in our robotic systems to monitor the robot’s operational health in much the same way the ESS PM Technology monitors the machine’s health. ZDT continuously collects and analyzes data to track each robot's overall health and maintenance requirements while running production. The system will notify the operator if action is required to prevent unexpected downtime, leaving maintenance personnel free to focus on other responsibilities.

Benefits of FANUC ZDT

  • Minimize Unexpected Downtime
  • Maximize Throughput
  • Optimize Maintenance Costs
  • Extend Robot Life
  • Access Info from Any Internet Connection
  • Cisco(R)-Secured Web Platform Keeps Collected Data Secure
  • ZDT Works with All FANUC Robot Models

    ZDT analyzes robot data to identify required maintenance tasks based on actual robot usage, information that allows the manufacturer to optimize overall maintenance costs and schedule the most critical tasks during planned maintenance windows. A dedicated ZDT Web Portal allows the user to access information about ZDT-protected robots from anywhere in the world.
    ZDT Web Portal Dashboard
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