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Selecting an Automatic Cartoner


Automatic Cartoning Machines from ESS Technologies, Inc.Automatic cartoners provide a means for packaging a wide variety of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and consumer products. Cartoners come in two basic configurations: Horizontal cartoners, where the product is loaded into the carton from the side and vertical cartoners , where the product is loaded from the top. These machines are usually equipped with additional features such as Lot/Date code printers, leaflet inserters, and various infeed configurations.

The process of cartoning begins when the product enters the machine and is collated into a pack pattern. The machine selects a flat case, which it opens and positions for product insertion. The carton flaps are folded and tucked, or the product moves to a sealing station where the carton is sealed using hot-melt glue.


Monoblock Fillers/Cappers


Case Packers

Assembly and Kit Packaging

TaskMate Robotic Systems(R)

Pallet Cells/Depalletizers

Serialization Systems Integration

Turnkey Machine Integration

Factors for Automatic Cartoner Selection

Proper cartoner selection depends on a number of variables, including:

  • the size of the product to be cartoned
  • the number of items to be packaged
  • the size of the carton itself
  • the required cartoning speed
  • the amount of available installation space
  • requirements for product and carton size changeover
  • integration of cartoner with other packaging machines
ESS Technologies, Inc. manufactures the SC Series horizontal cartoners that handle carton sizes and shapes typical to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and consumer goods industries. As an experienced system integrator, ESS also integrates vertical cartoners from other manufacturers. ESS Technologies project engineers have design expertise in specifying and integrating the model of automatic cartoner that meets the requirements of most any application.
Features and Benefits Options Industries Served
  • Continuous or Intermittent Motion Cartoners
  • Designed to Meet cGMP Requirements
  • Small Foot Print
  • Balcony Design
  • Cartoning Speeds from 25 to 250 Cartons per Minute (depending on the model)
  • Changeover <15-20 Minutes
  • Leaflet/Coupon/Booklet Insertion Options
  • Embossing or Ink Coding Device
  • Code Reader and Verification
  • Automatic Infeeder with Collation and Stacking
  • Extensions for Infeed Conveyors
  • Hot-melt Closure Unit
  • Carton Rejection
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Medical Devices
  • Diagnostics and Test Kits
  • Cosmetics
  • Personal Care Products
  • Consumer Packaged Goods

Cartoner Comparison Chart

Horizontal Cartoner Vertical Cartoner
m Equipment Specifications Changeover Time — All Dimensions Change 15-20 Minutes 15-20 Minutes
Drive Type Servo Servo
Drive Motion Continuous or Intermittent Continuous or Intermittent
Carton Closure Type Tuck Flaps or Hot-Melt Glue Tuck Flaps or Hot-Melt Glue
Automation Type Hard Automation w/ tool-free changeover Robotic Automation w/ quick release connections
Products Handled Cans and Jars Yes Yes
Bottles Yes Yes
Bottles (can be tipped) Yes Yes
Bottles (cannot be tipped) No Yes
Bags and Pouches Yes Yes
Pharmaceutical Vials No Yes
Sachets Yes Yes
Tubes Yes Yes
Medical Devices Yes Yes
Multi-component Cartoning Yes No

Vertical Cartoner Product Flow

Flat Cartons in Magazine

    Carton Being Erected Flat Leaflet and Tube Insertion in Carton Tuck Flap Closure of Carton
Flat Cartons in Standard Magazine Erecting Auto-Bottom Cartons Robotic Product Loading Tuck Flap Closure of Carton

Horizontal Cartoner Product Flow

Carton Magazine for SC Series Cartoners     SC60 Automatic Cartoner Erecting Carton          Medical Device Blisters Loaded Into SC60 Cartoner Tuck Flap Closure System on SC60 Horizontal Cartoner
Flat Cartons in Standard Magazine Erectiing Carton Servo Pusher Loads Product in Carton Tuck Flap Closure of Carton
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