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Financing ESS Technologies, Inc. Packaging Machinery

ESS Technologies, Inc. has partnered with American Packaging Capital, Inc. to offer financing solutions for purchasing new packaging machinery. Three leasing options and a choice of lease terms allow for a payment to fit any budget.

Financing Can Benefit Your Business

  • Use vs. Ownership: The value of equipment is in its use, not its ownership. Financing enables you to pay for the equipment with future profit instead of working capital.
  • Affordability: Financing results in low monthly payments over 1-5 years, and the equipment can be purchased for a nominal cost at the end of the lease term.
  • Fixed Payments: Fixed payments avoid the uncertainty of variable (floating) interest rates typical of bank financing.
  • Cash Conservation: Monthly payments leave cash available for operational expenses or seasonal cash flow needs.
  • Preserve Credit Lines: Borrowing from the bank shrinks available credit lines. Financing maintains credit lines for non-equipment uses.

Leasing Options

Operating Lease (Fair Market Value Purchase Option): At the end of the lease term, the lessee has the option to purchase the equipment for its Fair Market Value.
  • Lease payments are charged to Operating Budget - which avoids Capital Budget constraints.
  • Lease payments are generally lower than all other financing options - and are 100% deductible against taxable income.
  • Leasing can greatly reduce the Cost Recovery Period for equipment.
  • Operating Leases are Off-Balance Sheet transactions and improve most financial ratios, including ROA, ROI, and Debt/Net Worth measurements.
  • Operating Lease payments are not an Alternative Minimum Tax item.
10% and $1.00 Purchase Option Leases: At the end of the lease term, the lessee has the option to purchase the equipment for 10% of the original equipment cost (10% Option) or for $1.00 ($1 Option). Both options are:
  • Fixed purchase options.
  • Generally treated as a booked asset and liability on financial statements.
  • Preserves bank lines of credit for operations, real estate, or other capital expenditures.
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