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ESS Technologies, Inc. Mini Cell-E Robotic Palletizer incorporates a FANUC robot with custom-designed ESS end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) to create a cost-effective, efficient, end-of-line solution for palletizing in a very small footprint. The standard Mini Cell-E integrates a FANUC M-710iC/50H 5-axis robot with ESS-designed end-of-arm tooling (EOAT), which offers a payload capacity of up to 50kg (110.2lbs.). Other robot models with higher payloads can also be designed into the system. The compact pallet cell fits easily into existing packaging lines to replace manual palletizing processes. The EOAT may be ordered to pick one, two or three cases with each cycle. FANUC’s PalletTool Turbo software is pre-installed on the robot to simplify operation. Product changeover typically occurs in 15 minutes or less. ESS integrates the Mini Cell-E with off-the-shelf serialization systems from OEMs to provide track and trace capability to the pallet cell.

Specifications Pallet Cell
Speed Up to 40 Cases per Minute
Payload Capacity 50kg (110.2lbs.)
EOAT Vacuum or Mechanical Gripper
Changeover Time Less than 15 Minutes Typical
Standard Voltages 208V 240V, 480V, 3-Phase, 60Hz
Pallet Size Accommodates all standard pallet sizes.
Product Types Cases, Trays, Bags, Bottles

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Dual Cell-E Robotic Palletizer Pallet Cell Infeed Conveyor Infeed Conveyor From Integrated Pallet Cell Deck Sheet Placement for Robotic Palletizer
Dual Cell-E One In-Two Out Robotic Pallet Cell Infeed Conveyor from Upstream Packaging Infeed Conveyor from Integrated Case Packer Deck/Tier Sheet Magazine
Optional Pallet Dispenser Optional Integrated Pallet Stretch Wrapper FANUC Robot and Wire Mesh Safety Guarding Dual Cell-E with Light Curtains and HMI
Optional Pallet Dispenser Optional Pallet Stretch Wrapper FANUC Robot and Wire Mesh Safety Guarding Dual Cell-E with Optional HMI and Light Curtains
Mini Pallet Cell with Pharma Package Option Serialization Code Readers at Pallet Cell Case Infeed RSC Case with Serialization Track and Trace Label Mini Robotic Pallet Cell with Serialization
Mini Cell with Stainless Steel Pharmaceuitcal Cladding Option Serialization Code Scanners at the Case Infeed of a Min Pallet Cell RSC Case with Serialziation Track and Trace Label Single Mini Pallet Cell with Track and Trace Serialization
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