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TaskMate Robotic Systems(R) Blister Loader

TaskMate Robotic Loading System for Blister Packaging Machines and Thermoformers

Automated Blister Loading for Blister Packaging Machines and Thermoformers

The ESS Technologies, Inc. TaskMate Robotic Systems (R) Blister Loader integrates a FANUC robotic cell with any commercially available blister packaging machine or thermoformer. Custom ESS-designed end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) can be designed to pick a wide variety of products and place them into blisters or thermoformed cavities prior to sealing. The system can be ordered with new machines or integrated with existing systems to automate manual feeding processes.

Parameter Specification
Speed Up to 25 Cycles Per Minute
Standard Voltage 220V, Single Phase, 60Hz (Other voltages available.)
EOAT Vacuum or Mechanical Gripper
Guarding PLe-rated Safety Guarding, Interlocked and Gasketed Polycarbonate Panels
Size Changeover Time 10-15 Minutes Typical
Product Types Consumer Goods, Drug Delivery Devices, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals...custom EOAT can handle almost any product.
Machine Videos TaskMate Robotic Systems(R) Loading Test Kits Into a Thermoformer
Data Sheet (PDF) TaskMate Robotic Systems(R) Bister Loader
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