Flexible Filler/Capper for Vials and Small Bottles

ESS Delivers New High Speed Filling System for COVID-19 Test Kit Vials

May 2020, Blacksburg, VA

As cases of COVID-19 began to intensify across the U.S.A. in early spring, a diagnostics manufacturer reached out to ESS Technologies to build two identical filling systems with automated cap torque for diagnostics vials to be used in manufacturing COVID-19 test kits. Speed and urgency drove the project. The system needed to be fast, capable of filling up to 120 vials per minute, and the delivery couldn’t come soon enough in the widening pandemic crisis. ESS engineers rose to the challenge, and we are proud to introduce our new FC Series Flexible Filler/Capper for Vials and Small Bottles.


Available in semiautomatic and fully automated configurations, the Flexible Filler/Capper uses a circular puck conveyor system to transport vials or small bottles to the inline filling system. A timing screw drive positions six vials beneath the six-up diving nozzle assembly where a precise amount of diagnostic reagent is dispensed. The cap placement is automated using FANUC SCARA robots and a cap feeder. A three-up final torque station then applies the precise amount of torque to the caps. Model FC60 handles up to 60 vials per minute while Model FC120 fills 120 vials per minute. The Flexible Filler/Capper for Vials and Small Bottles uses Allen Bradley PLC controls and a 6” color touchscreen HMI for ease of operation. An optional 10” HMI is available.

The system provides fast changeover, under 10 minutes, and FAST DELIVERY. ESS, working closely with their suppliers, delivered the first two system within weeks of the order and ahead of schedule. The two systems will allow the diagnostics manufacturer to significantly increase the production of COVID-19 testing vials.

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Manufactured in USA
Fanuc Robotics Certification