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Case Packing, Case Inspection, and Case Palletizinig for Microbrewers

ESS Technologies offers solutions for Microrewers to automate case packing, case inspection, and case palletizing operations.

CEL5 Case Packer for Microbrew Bottles and Cans

The ESS Model CEL5 Robotic Case Packer integrates one or two FANUC robots with ESS-designed end-of-arm tooling (EOAT). In a two-robot system, the first robot erects a case and seals the bottom. The second robot loads the case at a rate of 5-6 cases per minute. In single robot configurations, the robot erects and loads the case. Combined with ESS’s case inspection system and stand-alone case closing system the CEL5 creates a fully automatic system to meet the production needs of the craft beer industry.

CEL5 Case Packer for Microbrewer Bottles  CEL5 Case Flap Fold Mechanism
CEL5 Robotic Case Packer for the Craft Beer Industry  CEL5 Bottom Flap Folding and Gluing Station
Servo Collation for Beer Bottles  Servo Collation for Cans of Craft Beer 
Servo Collation for Glass Beer Bottles  Servo Collation for Beer Cans

Case Inspection System to Verify Case Count

ESS Technologies's Case Inspection System integrates and programs an off-the-shelf laser scanner with Allen-Bradly controls and existing case packing systems to create a system for verifying bottle presence in cases. The scanner software installs on any PC and allows the operator to view the case to confirm bottle count. Cases with incorrect bottle counts are removed from the system for rework prior to case sealing.

Case Inspection System for Microbrewers Integrated Laser Scanner PC Display of Full Case and Partial Case
Case Conveyor Overhead Laser Scanner PC Dispaly for Full Case (Top) and Partial Case Bottom)
Specifications CEL5 Case Packer Case Inspection System
Case Size Range
Case Dimensions for Robotic Case Erector and Loader
A (Min. - Max.) 150-500 mm
B (Min. - Max.) 100-350 mm
C (Min. - Max.) 100-350 mm
A (Min. - Max.) 150-500 mm
B (Min. - Max.) 100-350 mm
C (Min. - Max.) 100-350 mm
Speed 5-6cpm 5-6cpm
Standard Voltages 208V, 240V, 480V, 3-Phase, 60Hz 120VAC, Single Phase, 60Hz
Size Changeover 15 Minutes Typical N/A
Compressed Air Consumption 7-9 SCFM N/A

CEL5 Case Closer with Hot Melt Glue

The ESS Model CEL5 Robotic Case Closer Module integrates with the case inspection system conveyor to transport fully loaded cases through a top flap closer and gluing system (optional). The automatic system handles 5-6 cases per minute and integrates easily with ESS’s robotic pallet cell to fully automate end-of-line packaging processes.
Top Case Sealing System Hot Melt Glue System Top Case Closer and Sealer for Microbrew Cases
Top Case Closer and Sealer Hot Melt Glue System Top Case Closer and Sealer for Microbrew Cases

Robotic Pallet Cell in Single or Dual Cell Configurations

ESS’s Robotic Palletizers incorporate a FANUC robot with ESS-designed, vacuum style end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) to create a compact, high performance palletizer for single or dual pallet configurations. The pallet cell comes complete with the robot, robot controller, EOAT, PLe-rated interlocked guarding, infeed conveyor, UL electrical panel, and Allen Bradley PanelView touchscreen HMI (standard or as an option). FANUC’s PalletTool Turbo software is pre-installed on the robot to simplify operation.
Single Mini Cell Palletizer Dual Cell Mini Palletizer Dual Collaborative Robotic Pallet Cell
Single Cell Mini Robotic Palletizer Dual Cell Mini Robotic Palletizer Dual Pallet Cell Configuration
Pallet Cell Comparison Mini Cell Mini Cell-E Cobot Pallet Cell
Pallet Position Integrated with Machine Frame Floor-mounted Floor-Mounted
Safety Guarding PLe-rated Polycarbonate Std. PLe-rated Wire Mesh Std. None Required
Standard Robot Model M-20iD/25 M-710iC/50H CR-35iA
Robot Payload 35kg 50kg 35kg
Robot Reach 1,831mm 2,000mm 1,813mm
Robot Axes 6 5 6
Max, Speed Up to 15 picks/min, Up to 15 picks/min. Up to 5-6 picks/min.
Controls AB PLC and HMI and FANUC Robot Controller Incl. FANUC Robot Controller Incl., AB Controls Optional AB PLC and HMI and FANUC Robot Controller Incl.
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