Collaborative Robotic Palletizer

Collaborative Robotic Palletizer

ESS’s Collaborative Robotic Palletizer incorporates a FANUC CRX Series collaborative robot with ESS-designed vacuum style end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) to create a compact palletizing cell for single or dual pallet configurations. The robot is designed to operate beside humans in a shared workspace without the need for safety fences, greatly reducing the overall size of the system.

  • End Effector: Vacuum style, one or two cases per pick
  • Infeed Elevations (typ.): 18” – 36” ± 2”
  • Typical Air Consumption: 8-16 scfm
  • Voltage: 120 VAC standard, other options available upon request.
  • CRX-25iA Robot Standard (25kg payload)

Palletizer Options

  • Tier/Deck sheet magazine with placement
  • Integration with OEM Serialization Systems

Dual Pallet Cell with CRX-25iA Robot

Single Pallet Cell with CRX-25iA Robot

Collaborative Robotic Pallet Cell

Collaborative Palletizer with CRX-25iA and Pallet Stretch Wrapper

CR35 DualCell Configuration

Dual Pallet Cell with CR-35iA Robot for 35kg Payloads

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